Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t know a piece of information about my property?

Feel free to enter Unknown if necessary. Much of the property information required on your form can be found in an online public record search. Some of it will populate automatically while I am inputting your listing (especially property tax, parcel ID, zoning, etc.). One exception to this rule is the Room Dimension fields. These fields are required fields in some counties, and are not available in public records. In the case that any missing information cannot be found, I will reach back out to you to take further steps to complete all required fields.

Why does my property information appear a certain way on (, Zillow, etc.)? / I don’t see my listing yet on (

Partnering sites such as, Zillow, and Trulia will automatically pull your listing information from the Multiple Listing Service database. These sites refresh their listings every 24-48 hours. They each have their own formatting. As this process is automatic, I have very little control over their appearance and their schedule of refreshing information. What we can do is ensure that information entered in the database itself is correct and complete.

How can I make a change / update / correction to my listing?​

Please use the forms on the Maintain Current Listing for all updates. Communication is kindly requested through these forms to ensure accuracy, comply with MLS regulations regarding written permission, and ensure that all required information is provided the first time around.

How will buyers contact me?

Your contact information will be displayed in the listing, with a message such as "Please contact seller directly for showings and inquiries at (123) 555-1234." Some of the partner websites have a policy to list my office number only. My phone system is equipped with call forwarding. Buyers can search your property based on the street name or the last 4 digits of the MLS number, and will be forwarded directly to your phone.

What happens if a buyers agent brings a buyer?

Per MLS guidelines, we are required to list a commission offered to a buyers agent. This figure must be a concrete number (we cannot state “negotiable”), though there is technically no minimum. Once a buyers agent makes contact, this commission is not negotiable, though you are free to accept, reject, or counter any offer. It is worth noting that about 80% of buyers work with buyers agents, so we strongly recommend offering a competitive incentive for the best results.

Do you provide forms / pricing advice / virtual tours / closing assistance?

At the moment these additional services are under development as add-ons. Your feedback is appreciated for determining which add-on services you would like to see offered.